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AniPustak is a comprehensive online marketplace for educational books of all standards, letting buyers and sellers easily find and add books. We strive to make learning simple and efficient by offering our users a one-stop solution for all of their educational book needs. Our website has a wide variety of books and categories, so there is something for everyone. AniPustak is proud to bring together buyers and sellers from across the country to make business connections. We are excited to be a part of the educational revolution.

Features for Buyers

  1. Place bulk book orders with just one click.
  2. Find publications or publishers near you.
  3. Purchase from the publisher from anywhere in the country.
  4. Get recognised and build connections with publishers.
  5. Choose from a wide range of books and categories.

Features for Sellers

  1. Add unlimited books without any limitations.
  2. Reach the buyers from across the country.
  3. Make your profile stand out by including your logo and company name.
  4. Create multiple discount offers.
About Us

AniPustak is an online marketplace for educational books of all standards, offering buyers and sellers alike the convenience of finding and adding books with ease.

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